Lap Distributors has gone green!
This is not a marketing ploy or a gimmick. We
have gone green for savings and to create a
better company for our employees and to benefit
our customers and community.
Starting in June 2008, we changed our operating
days to 4 day weeks.  This has saved money on
our electric usage, reduced our fuel bills not
running the trucks on Mondays, plus reducing our
personal  fuel consumption. Improving our
employees mental health (think every weekend is
a three day weekend)
What is standard to business is recycling, which
we obviously do reducing our waste to an
average of 1 1/2 bags a week.  
All of our bulbs are fluorescent.
We sell recycled towels, napkins, & liners  which
push our manufacturers to purchase recycle
material which in turn will increase demand for
recycled material creating opportunities for
companies like Recyclebank etc..
Lap Distributors prefers local manufacturers for
our products reducing transportation therefore
reducing costs.
Our trucks are the smaller Chevy 12ft boxes
reducing carbon output and have better mileage
than our previous ( and common to our industry)
Isuzu box trucks. Plus, whenever possible we
would use minivans.
What we have done won't work for many
companies but if you make a move to go green
everything helps and will help make the world a
better place.
Paul Lapinson,
Lap Distributors